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Wetherby Senior League 2018

In season 2018 the top 3 Divisions will have 10 teams and the 4th Division will have 14 teams.

With 10 teams in the top 3 Divisions there will be 18 League fixtures. The League season will start on the 28th April and finish on the 8th September. There will be no League fixtures on the Bank Holiday weekends of May 26th and August 25th.

There will also be 18 League fixtures in Division 4 but given the number of teams in this Division, clubs will not play everyone twice.

The 18-week format was voted for by the majority of clubs and is designed to make League Championship cricket more competitive and avoid the problems of recent years where teams struggle to field teams on Bank Holiday weekends.

We are also looking to arrange some form of cricket on those weekends which are now free. For those teams that wish to take part, we are looking at arranging competitive cricket which could take the form of either a new 11-aside or 6-aside tournament. The Sunday Cup and Evening League Cup competitions will also continue unaltered.

The League set up for season 2018 will be as shown below and takes into consideration the following:

  • (a) Clubs voted for Divisions of 10 teams.
  • (b) The departure of Kirk Deighton, Shadwell and Old Leos.
  • (c) Burton Salmon has joined the league.

This format will provide Wetherby League clubs with a combined total of almost 400 League fixtures. With the addition of the Sunday & Evening Cup competitions and a new tournament, there is plenty of cricket for Wetherby League members to look forward to in a League that has been providing cricket since 1919.

1 Barwick 1 Crompark 1 Barwick A 1 Bilton 
2 Church Fenton 2 Crossgates 2 Church Fenton A 2 Burton Salmon
3 Garforth PC 3 East Keswick 3 Garforth PC A 3 Crossgates A
4 Ledsham 4 Headingley 4 Green Hammerton 4 Headingley A
5 Rufforth 5 Hillam MF 5 Scarcroft A 5 Hillam MF A
6 Scarcroft 6 Kippax 6 Sherburn 6 Kippax A
7 Scholes 7 Kirk Hammerton 7 South Milford A 7 Kirk Hammerton A
8 Sicklinghall 8 Long Marston 8 Thorner A 8 Ledsham A
9 South Milford 9 Meanwood 9 Walton Park 9 Long Marston A
10 Thorner 10 Saxton 10 Wetherby 10 Meanwood A
11 Rufforth A
12 Saxton A
13 Scholes A
14 Walton Park A

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