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Division 2 1981 to Date


TypePerformanceTeam or IndivdualYear
Highest Team Score363-9Kippax v Sherburn Eversley2017
Lowest Team Score20St Chad's Broomfield v Rufforth1984
Highest Match Aggregate608Church Fenton 309-2 & Crossgates 299 all out2013
Highest Individual Innings188*B. Walton (South Milford)1996
Most runs in a season1,191C. Dawson (Kirk Deighton)1995
Most wickets in a season99A.Young (Shadwell)1993
Bowler taking all Ten wickets10 for 44Andy Young (Shadwell v Whixley)1995
Bowler taking all Ten wickets10 for 50R. Corn (Wighill Park)1986

Record Partnerships for each wicket

1st305*S.Morley & P.Batty (South Milford v Ledsham)2014
2nd272*B. Walton & J. N. J. Barr (South Milford v Hillam & Monk Fryston)1996
3rd213S.Morley & R. Peregrine (South Milford v Ledsham)2014
4th196S. Morley & D. White (South Milford v Crossgates)2013
5th270*A. Bramley & L. Fisher (Kirk Hammerton V Hillam & Monk Fryston)2014
6th216*J. Johnson & D. Aston (Scarcroft v Amaranth)2004
7th156R. Blackburn & S. Turner (Old Leodiensians v Kippax)1995
8th133R. Vincent & A. Burke (Shadwell v Sherburn Eversley)1996
9th125* J. Potter & D. Crampton (Saxton v Garforth PC)2010
10th90*Tessa Broucek & Chris Borrowdale (Saxton vs Headingley Bramhope)2019

Other Outstanding Bowling

9 for 15Garry Wilkinson (Amaranth v Walton)1990
9 for 18Alan Woods (Little Ribston v Long Marston)1990
9 for 30D. Wild (Kirk Deighton v South Milford)1992
9 for 30Pat Deane (Old Leodiensians v South Milford)1996
9 for 49P. Rhodes (Amaranth v Long Marston)1997
8 for 10J. Kirkbride (Long Marston v Coll' & Linton "A")1992
8 for 12Garry Wilkinson (Amaranth v Thorner Mexborough)1998
8 for 21Aidan Sloan (Bramhope v Sherburn Eversley)1997
8 for 18Bilal Shahid (East Keswick v Crossgates")2014
8 for 18Nick Boyes(Old Leos v Sherburn in Elmet)2013
8 for 27Richard Vincent (Shadwell v St Chad's Broomfield)1984
8 for 27D. Wild (Kirk Deighton v Scholes)1992
8 for 27Steve Boden (Shadwell vs. Bramham & Clifford "A")2000
8 for 21Tom Atkinson(Headingley Bramhope v Kirk Hammerton")2015
8 for 28James Hartley (Old Leodiensians vs. Bramham & Clifford "A")2000
8 for 31Andy Young (Shadwell v Bardsey "A")1995
8 for 31Phil Ralli (Thorner Mexborough vs. Amaranth)2000
8 for 33Wayne Morton (Thorner Mexborough v Sherburn Eversley)1998
8 for 37David Baker (Bramham & Clifford v Old Leodiensians)1998
8 for 40Marc Crosbie (Bilton-in-Ainsty vs. Thorner Mexborough)2000
8 for 43Andy Young (Walton v Long Marston)1997
8 for 47Andy Young (Shadwell v Rufforth)1995
8 for 47Phil Ralli (Thorner Mexborough v Scholes)1998

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