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Division 4 1981 to Date


TypePerformanceTeam or IndivdualYear
Highest Team Score369-9Great Preston "A" v Wighill Park2002
Highest Team Score369-4Little Ribston v Wighill Park2006
Lowest Team Score16Bilton-in-Ainsty A v Crossgates "A"1985
Highest Match Aggregate582Sicklinghall A 298-7 & Wighill Park 284-91991
Highest Individual Innings207*Edward Daniel (Little Ribston v Wighill Park)2006
Most runs in a season1,196Nick Gibson (Green Hammerton)1999
Most wickets in a season80R.Cruddas (Walton)1993
Bowler taking all Ten wickets10 for 17 Richard Ingleby (Rufforth "A" v Amaranth "A")1985
Bowler taking all Ten wickets10 for 31 I. Skirrow (Old Leos "A" v Sicklinghall "A")1981
Bowler taking all Ten wickets10 for 58 A. Clark (Saxton v Barwick-in-Elmet "A")1991

Record Partnerships for each wicket

1st267F.Alam Afzal & P.Heseltine (Burton Salmon v Ledsham A)2018
2nd226R. Bradley & I Clark (Barwick-in-Elmet "A" v Thorner "A")1990
3rd232*C Earley & J Taylor (Old Leos "A" v South Milford "A")2015
4th233D. Pullan & D. Fisher (Sicklinghall "A" v Wighill Park)1991
5th178B. Pitts & D. Preston (Rufforth "A" v Arthursdale "A")1986
6th190A. Smith & T. Kettlewell (Rufforth "A" v Kirk Deighton "A")1990
7th142Dave Bishop & Dave Rushworth (Little Ribston "A" v Shadwell "A")1985
8th169D. Watson & R. Marshall (Church Fenton "A" v Spofforth "A")1997
9th156Stuart Nicholls & Ross Worsley (Wighill Park v Oulton "A")2001
10th104Shayan Siddique & P. Langdale (Old Leodiensians "A" v New Rover "A") 2003
10th104*P. Goddard & I. Skirrow (Old Leodiensians "A" v Rufforth "A")1983

Other Outstanding Bowling

9 for 35 N. Seaman (Wighill Park v Saxton)1991
9 for 49P Fielding (Long Marston "A" vs. Kippax "A")2000
9 for 51J. London (Old Leodiensians v Wetherby "A")1996
9 for 59J. Tonkinson (Kirk Hammerton v Bramham "A")1996
8 for 13Dave Crampton (Saxton v Long Marston "A")1995
8 for 17 N. Seaman (Wighill Park v Green Hammerton)1991
8 for 19 M. Westmoreland (Sherburn Eversley v Kirk Deighton "A")1992
8 for 21John Smith (Wetherby "A" v Saxton)1996
8 for 24A. Fletcher (Spofforth "A" v South Milford "A")1997
8 for 25 Adam Walton (Church Fenton "A" V ?)1988
8 for 36P. Bond (Shadwell "A" v Sicklinghall "A")1998
8 for 40P. Rodwell (Shadwell "A" v Kirk Deighton "A")1997
8 for 43Alan Sawyer (Long Marston "A" vs. Old Leos "A")2000
8 for 52Trevor Mead (Little Ribston v Bramham "A")1996
8 for 53J. Hanwell (Saxton v South Milford "A")1996

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