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Division 6 Bowling 1992 - to Date

The Rollinson Trophy

2014Andrew SwallowCrossgates A258.3
2013Martin FinnScholes A--
2012Tom Poulter Headingley "A"--
2011John Tucker Hillam & Monk Fryston "A"--
2010Chris St Clair WhickerYorkshire Post--
2009Paul BelneavesGarforth Parish Church "A"3410.5
2008Joe TindallRufforth "A"--
2007Jonny BraithwaiteScarcroft "A"--
2006Gary ProcterScholes "A"296.00
2005Ian MedlicottCrossgates "A"349.03
2004Michael HallAmaranth "A"347.71
2003John Tucker Hillam & Monk Fryston "A"678.95
2002Nigel KenyonSpofforth "A"355.91
2001Andy GoddardSicklinghall "A"405.32
2000Michael MolloyCrossgates "A"335.82
1999Ian KayWalton "A"399.15
1998Adam PothecarySt. Chad's Broomfield "B"405.32
1997Russ BriggsRufforth "A"308.47
1996M. NaylorAmaranth "A"5611.2
1995Michael ChaddertonAmaranth "A"649.27
1994J. Bevin Walton "A"5910.3
1993G. GreenSherburn Eversley "A"418.36
1992C. PhillipsEast Keswick "A"497.36

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