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Division 6 Winners 1992 - to Date

The "Billy" Daniels Trophy

2014Meanwood A
2013East Keswick "A"M. Cameron
2012Wighill ParkK. McCarthy
2011South Milford "A"D. Thomas
2010Yorkshire PostM.Stelfox
2009Sherburn Eversley "A"G. Knaggs
2008St Chads Broomfield "B"A. Dobson
2007Kirk Hammerton "A"V. Crew
2006Scholes "A"S. Cohen
2006Kirk Deighton "A"P. Robinson
2005Crossgates "A"A. Swallow
2004Long Marston "A"R. Crowther
2003LedshamP. Dewhirst
2002Spofforth "A"P. Hughes
2001Thorner Mexborough "A"D. Wharton
2000Rufforth "A"R. Ingleby
1999Barwick-in-Elmet "B"A. Wood
1998St. Chad's Br'mfield "B"S. Howard
1997Saxton "A"P. Beal
1996Sherburn Eversley "A"N. Jackson
1995Scholes "A"R. Wood
1994East Keswick "A"A. Richardson
1993Rufforth "A"R. Ingleby
1992East Keswick "A"K. Prudhoe

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