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Fixtures for 2019 Junior Season are now online. As a part of the 2019 line up a new trial U10/U11 development competition has been organised. This uses a new ECB modified T20 format, and as such rules are below:

Please note that as with all junior cricket, the objective is for players to have fun as they develop their skills.


The development league is predominantly set up for junior school age cricketers to have a fun enjoyable experience playing the game. Ideally sides should be made up of players in school year 5 (U10 or below). However in some cases developing players from school year 6 can participate.

Under no circumstances should U11 players (school year 6) whom play in representative, regional or County age group cricket be playing in this league.

Format, set up & rules

The format of the game is a modified version of T20, in this case it is a “T16”.

Standard cricket set up

Two teams of 8

Pitch Length of 17yds

Boundary of 40m

Junior size hardball 4.75oz

Helmets and protective equipment must be worn


All batters retire at 25 runs. The last scoring shot counts

Batters have two lives

If only one batter remains, a retired player can come back in to partner them

Batters to swap ends following a dismissal. If there is a run out the not out batter should face the next delivery

Batters can be given out in the following ways – bowled, caught, run out, stumped, hit wicket and LBW


There are only six deliveries per over. No balls and wides are not re-bowled apart from in the final over. 1 run shall shall be given to the opposition score for any no ball or wide.

All players must bowl at least two overs (except the wicket keeper in hard ball cricket) and no more than four overs

Bowlers are limited to a short run up, encouraging a fast-paced game with plenty of action and minimal down time

Umpires are asked to encourage bowling with a straight arm

Bowlers are to bowl from the same end for the entire game


Rotate the fielders so that everyone gets a feel for the different positions. When using a hard ball, the wicketkeeper should stay in place for the duration of the innings 

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