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This item has been emailed to all Club Secretaries,

The result of the votes by the Clubs was as follows:

Remain as the Wetherby League 59%

Merge with York & District Senior League 41%

Did not vote 3

The remain as the Wetherby League is carried

Format for 2018

Option 1 12 in a Division 41%

Option 2 10 in a Division 46%

Option 3 8 in a Division 13%

Again 3 Clubs did not respond

The vote for 10 teams per division is carried

Please note that the 10 teams per division is a trial for 2018 and the format for 2019 will be reviewed near the end of the 2018 season.

Details of teams in each division etc will be released in due course.

If any Club wishes to discuss the impact of the above , please feel free to contact the Chairman or Head of SCC and if necessary they will come and meet with the Club Committee.

Best regards

Barry Oliver

Secretary Wetherby Cricket League

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