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WCL Centenary Year 2020


As we approach the centenary anniversary of the Wetherby Cricket League in 2020 the SCC

hope to produce a booklet containing reminders of some outstanding individual and team performances during the league's lifetime.

Eye catching returns from batsmen and bowlers from the distant past to more recent times, to thrilling finishes in a league or cup-final occasions.

All clubs are invited to contribute by providing material which fits this criteria, including photographs, press cuttings and score book entries where appropriate.

The kind of occurrences envisaged would be a 10 wicket haul, a double hundred or (falling agonisingly short) to achieving victory from an impossible position (Stokes Style!)

Equally the publication will be dedicated to those who have worked tirelessly over many years to support their team, this should include groundsmen, tea-ladies, scorers and those involved with promoting Junior Cricket.

It is appreciated that some clubs have played their cricket elsewhere before joining the Wetherby League. Also clubs have left in recent years and others are in the process of doing so. Nevertheless, all clubs who have shared the Wetherby League experience are invited to submit their nominations also.

All those clubs wishing to participate should contact:-

David Spavin at the e.mail address - Margaret.spavin579@btinternet.com (small m) phone: 01132823702

Dan Leadbeater - danleadbeater@hotmail.co.uk - mobile 07570965769

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