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The Ground Association remains active in the WCL and will continue to support clubs when asked and through organised get-togethers. This year for a number of reasons and ultimately the very adverse weather conditions no Spring seminar was arranged. It is intended to have an Autumn get-together this year at a date and venue to be arranged, all Groundsmen and clubs will be notified. We fully appreciate that the continuing very poor weather will now be putting all club Groundsmen under pressure to have grounds ready for Saturday 28th April, getting the required rolling time done will be challenging. Clubs with junior sides will also be trying to provide pitches during w/c 16th April. Keith Boyce our very enthusiastic mentor is very keen to support any clubs in our League with advice should they need it, he will welcome your call on his mobile no 07722730966. Your contact for any ground help or to exchange your views and opinions will be through Chris Horbury on 07712332204. We wish all clubs the very best in the preparation of their grounds throughout the season ahead.

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