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Welcome to the player pool.

Wetherby League is trying to put a system in place to give clubs more access, transparency and freedom to use the player pool. Please note this is a new system for accessing the player pool and there may be a few teething difficulties which we will endeavour to iron out over the first few weeks of the season.  In order to do this we are asking clubs to complete the following steps:

ADDING Players to Player Pool

1) Please login from this page and Add members of your club to the player pool. These people will be in the player pool until Saturday games commence at which point the player pool will be emptied

2) Please add the contact details for an individual in the player pool if these are not already held by the league

GETTING players from the Player Pool

1) Please login from this page and then go to access player pool.

2) You will be able to see people who are currently available within the pool and who has previously contacted them

3) Contact these individuals yourself to see if they are available

Spirit of Cricket

We would hope that clubs work within the spirit of cricket and only look to have players from clubs and divisions of a similar standard to the match that is being played. An example would be that we hope players would play within 2 division level of where they currently play saturday cricket.

Player Pool

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