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2015St Chads Broomfield A
2014St Chads Broomfield A
2013Great Preston "A"R. White
2012St. Chad's Broomfield "A"R. Binley
2011Leeds Police "A"D.Hewer
2010Leeds Police "A"D.Hewer
2009Leeds Police "A"M. Whiteley
2008Leeds Police "A"M. Whiteley
2007Oulton "A"J. Badderley
2006Sicklinghall "A"T. Barton
2005St. Chad's Broomfield "A"J. Bacon
2004Great Preston "A"L. Smith
2003Church Fenton "A"M. Moorhouse
2002St. Chad's Broomfield "A"P. Frankland
2001Barwick-in-Elmet "A"P. Kollesoff
2000Old LeodiensiansJ. Skirrow
1999Barwick-in-Elmet "A"S. Harrison
1998Barwick-in-Elmet "A"M. Purdy
1997Spofforth "A"J. Fawcett
1996Barwick-in-Elmet "A"S. Harrison
1995Wetherby "A"J. Smith
1994St. Chad's Broomfield "A"R. Berry
1993Wetherby "A"R. Hill
1992Kirk Deighton "A" P. Greaves
1991Scholes "A" N. Gabriel
1990Bardsey "A" I. Burgon
1989Bardsey "A" I. Burgon
1988Bardsey "A"I. Burgon
1987St. Chad's Broomfield "A"D. Todd
1986Kirk Deighton "A"P. Greaves
1985Collingham "A"M. V. Jacklin
1984Bardsey "A"K. Bryant
1983Bardsey "A"W. L. Loveridge
1982Spofforth "A"T. Kavanagh
1981Scarcroft "A"K. Howard
1980Collingham "A"E. K. Barker
1979Bardsey "A"G. Waterhouse
1978Spofforth "A" R. Addyman
1977Shadwell "A"B. Vant
1976Collingham "A" E. K. Barker
1975Shadwell "A" A. Carass
1974Collingham "A" E. K. Barker
1973Scarcroft "A"G. Thompson
1972Bilton-in-Ainsty "A" J. Davey
1971Church Fenton "A" G. Marshall
1970Bilton-in-Ainsty "A" F. Johnson
1969Wetherby "A" D. E. Hudson
1968Scholes "A"M. Stead
1967Arthursdale "A"S. W. Hudson
1966Arthursdale "A"P. Brayshaw
1965Wetherby "A"S. Smallwood
1964Arthursdale "A" J. N. Agar
1963Wetherby "A"E. Simpson
1962Collingham "A"S. L. Plews
1961Little Ribston "A" L. Harland
1960Collingham "A"G. C. Armitage
1959Wetherby "A" D. E. Hudson
1958T. A. & B. S. "A"W. Hill
1957Wetherby "A"E. Webster
1956Wetherby "A" E. Webster
1955Wetherby "A"R. Voyce
1954Wetherby "A"R. Voyce
1953T. A. & B. S. "A"F. Taylor
1952Spofforth "A" P. Bland
1951T. A. & B. S. "A"J. Higgins
1950Spofforth "A" A. W. Hill

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