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1st round (30th May)

Headingley A v Old Leos A 1

South Milford A v Hillam & MF A 2

Garforth PC A v Church Fenton A 3

Barwick A v Bye 4

Quarter Finals (27th June)

Old Leos A v South Milford A  5

Church Fenton A v Barwick A 6

Semi-Finals (18th July)

Barwick A v South Milford A 


1st round (30th May)

Shadwell A v Bilton A 1

Scarcroft A v Wetherby A 2

Kirk Deighton A v Long Marston A 3

Rufforth A v Bye 4 

Quarter Finals (27th June)

Shadwell A v Scarcroft A          5

Kirk Deighton A v Rufforth A    6

Semi Finals (18th July)

Kirk Deighton A v Scarcroft A 

Finals Day - (20th August) at Saxton CC - (Reserve date 3rd Sept)

Barwick A  v Kirk Deighton A 

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