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Ronnie Farrar Trophy U13s


1st Round - Friday 17th May (6.15pm)

(A) Saxton vs Bye

(B) Bye vs Wetherby

(C) Walton vs Bye

(D) Whitkirk vs Collingham & Linton

(E) Church Fenton vs South Milford

(F) Bye vs Barwick in Elmet

(G) Great Preston vs TABS

(H) Bardsey vs Bye

QF - Friday 7th June (6:15pm)

(I) Saxton vs Wetherby

(J) Walton vs Collingham & Linton (played wed 19th June)

(K) South Milford vs Barwick in Elmet (played Thurs 27th June)

(L) TABS vs Bardsey

SF - Played by 7th July

(M) Saxton vs Walton (played Fri 12th)

(N) South Milford vs Bardsey (played Mon 7th)

Final - Tuesday 16th July - venue Church Fenton CC

South Milford vs Walton

Note: U13 Cup competition is 25 overs per side with no retirements.

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