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U9 Representative Cricket

Wetherby Cricket League will be entering an U9 (hardball) side into the inaugural YJCF U9 competition for 2017 season.

Team Manager - Andy Emmott (TABS CC)

The first Group matches to be played Sunday 4th June (reserve date 11th June).

A semi-finals / finals day will be held at a venue that can stage 2 games at once on 25/6 or 4/7 or 11/7 (venue and date to be advised)

semi-finals -winner group A v winner group B

- winner group C v winner group D

final between 2 s/f winners and a 'plate' final for 2 s/f losers.

The 12 competing Areas have been split in to 4 groups of 3

Hosts:- Visitor 1 Visitor 2

Group 1, Heavy Woollen Barnsley Huddersfield.

Group 2, Bradford Aire-Wharfe Upper Airedale

Group 3, Hambleton Nidderdale North Yorkshire.

Group 4, Scarborough East Yorkshire Wetherby.

Three teams are allocated to each host festival ground, playing each other once as follows:-

The first match will commence at 11.00 a.m.

Match 1 - Host area v Visitor 1

Match 2 - Visitor 1 v Visitor 2

Match 3 - Visitor 3 v Host area

Teams - 8 per side - pairs cricket

16 overs per innings (4 per batting pair)

hard ball - 4 3/4ozjunior

18 yard pitches(non-turf pitches may be used but visiting teams should be informed if they are to be used)

Each batting pair shall bat for four overs. No matter how many times a batter is out, he/she stays at the wicket for the full overs of the pair. The batters change end at the fall of a wicket, except on the last ball of an over.

All wides and no balls shall count as two run plus any runs scored from them, There will be no extra balls in any over for wides and no balls.

Players shall not bowl more than three overs and the wicket-keeper shall not bowl.

Each team when batting will start with a score of 200. For each wicket lost, a deduction of 5 runs shall be made.

The team with the highest 'net' score is the winner.

Points will be awarded as follows:-

each win 6 points

each tie 3 points to each side

each abandoned or incomplete match 3 points to each side

each loss 0 points

Incentive points will be awarded for the net score of 0.01 per run.

(e.g. 260 runs scored, 9 wickets lost = 215 net = 2.15 points

(e.g. 285 runs scored, 12 wickets lost = 225 net = 2.25 points)

In the event of a tie at the top of the group, the team losing fewest wickets overall will be the winner.

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