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WCL Ground Association

WCL Ground Association

The core purpose of the Wetherby Cricket League Grounds mans Association (WCLGA) is to create a peer group forum that will share knowledge and assist fellow grounds men in need of help or advice. Anyone interested can join the group.

Objectives of the WCLGA

The WCLGA is committed to assist groundsmen to improve their Club's playing pitches and outfields. This will help improve the playing experience and perception of the WCL as a whole.

The WCLGA will offer support & advice to groundsmen and Clubs to try to achieve this improvement. We will try to ensure that optimal results are achieved for the time and effort invested. The WCLGA recognises that, many groundsmen work on a voluntary basis, not all Clubs have all the necessary equipment and available budgets can be challenging.

The WCLGA will strive to develop a vibrant forum to encourage groundsmen to share their knowledge and experiences, to learn from and support each other.

The WCLGA will try to ensure that relevant information is circulated to the right people within Clubs. This may be news on new legislation, forthcoming events, offers on materials etc

Contact details

Chris Horbury (Church Fenton) - Chairman 07712 332204 chris88horbury@gmail.com

Mike Austin (Shadwell) - Secretary 07740 450582 mikeaustin@shadwellcc.org.uk

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